Do not use your personal credit card for your business expenses!


There are few companies whose managers have confusion in the concept of personal finance and business finance.

That is why it is common to see that the daughter’s phone bill is charged to the firm’s account, the tuition is paid from the payroll or the gasoline of the mother’s truck is covered with vouchers from the petty cash.

The reality is that it doesn’t matter the size, nor the number of employees; You need to separate personal transactions from those of the company.

Even if you are your only employee, there must be a financial divorce between your personal and administrative life.

The truth is that there are more disadvantages than advantages when using the personal credit card for the expenses of the organization.


Your history

credit history

Your business has a credit history that will be used for all types of references.

A supplier can verify your behavior to know how far to take a risk with you, but nothing or very little will serve personal history to create new business relationships.


Operation Administration

If your accounts are scrambled on a desktop it is time to update your management system.

A business card will help track every quetzal that is spent on the operation, from payroll and services, to the payment of suppliers and per diem.

This way when the time comes to file taxes, things will be easier. The business credit card will also help you detect unnecessary business expenses or capital leaks.



money loan

Obtaining rewards is a saving factor. All charges you make with your business card will pay points that can be redeemed in many ways: from miles to fly and hotel rooms, to items and cash.

There are some programs that focus for example on fuel or international purchases, but you can choose the one that best suits the use of the tool.


Trust and control

Employees may have a card in their name but exclusively for the signature. You can even put padlocks by geographical area, schedules and types of charge with the advantage of being able to monitor in real time one of the users.

Personal cards are for exclusive use for such matters. If you are not able to separate them from the business, the advantages will be reversed and everything can play against you. Be careful with the use of each one, the goal is to be in your favor at all times and for all situations.

Bad credit loans -Request a bad credit loan guaranteed approval

Do you want to borrow 250 euros quickly within 10 minutes? It is possible to get money quickly, without you having to put too much effort into this!

Request a bad credit loan guaranteed approval and get approved in 3 easy steps 

Quickly borrow 250 euros within 10 minutes

Fast 250 euros on your account does not have to be a hassle! if you arrange this through online loan providers, a loan of 250 euros is always possible. Moreover, it is easy to close because the entire application process runs via the Internet. Finally, these bad credit loans guaranteed approval at Payday Champion are freely accessible and it is, therefore, possible for everyone to easily obtain a loan via the internet, including you! That means that if you realize today that you need extra money, it will still be in your account today. You can often expect this in your account in 10 minutes so that you can spend it immediately!

Quickly borrow 250 euros in 10 minutes via the internet

Maybe you never considered borrowing on the internet, or you didn’t know about it. However, online loan providers offer you many options that you will not get at the bank. In these times of the financial crisis, banks maintain strict conditions and procedures to exclude many people from a loan. Even when it concerns relatively small amounts. To ensure that it is an option for everyone to get money in situations where this is necessary, online loan providers have decided to provide accessible loans via the internet. That is why there are relatively few conditions attached to these loans. You only have to take two conditions into account, namely that you must be at least 21 years old and that you must have a fixed income. This fixed income may also consist of a benefit, student grant or healthcare allowance. With a benefit or if you are unemployed, taking out a loan with online loan providers is therefore still possible!

Quickly borrow 250 euros within 10 minutes if you are blacklisted

A factor that often influences when you cannot borrow money from the bank is that you have a blacklisted notation. This means that you have incurred payment arrears in the past and that this has been reported to the National Bank. Banks are very concerned about this registration on the blacklist. However, borrowing while you are on the blacklist is simply possible. With loan providers on the internet within 250 minutes, you can quickly borrow 250 euros if you are blacklisted! This is because blacklisting is not performed because it is not only very time-consuming but also excludes many people from a loan.

Quickly borrow 250 euros or a different amount within 10 minutes

Quickly borrow 250 euros or a different amount within 10 minutes

Of course, you can in addition to 250 euros on your account today also ensure that you receive another amount quickly. All amounts between 50 and 1000 euros are possible with the help of a loan from loan providers on the internet. So you can choose to borrow 400 euros for a new comni oven, 800 euros for a nice laptop for study or 950 euros for a wonderful sun holiday. You decide exactly how much you borrow and also what you want to spend the money on. You do not need to consult with the loan provider for this. So you can do whatever you want with the money!

Cash loans for those in debt


There are numerous credit solutions for people in debt. Of course, all things must be discussed with the bank so that he can help us.

Banks have many different ideas for solutions when it comes to cash loan problems.

Banks have many different ideas for solutions when it comes to cash loan problems.

It is known that not every person has the right amount of money right away to offset these problems. Sometimes you have to think about the best solution and try to create the type of loan and installments that suits you best. People who are in debt also have problems obtaining another loan or money from other banks. The best idea is to apply for a loan at your home bank. By carefully considering our problem, the bank is able to give concrete suggestions regarding what we should do to prepare ourselves in some way to help us with repayments. If we no longer want to have several loans and therefore numerous debts, we should try to combine our liabilities into a consolidation loan. This is a form of a rather interesting loan, allowing us to make all previous debts constitute one installment, for one bank. Sometimes with such a connection the interest rate is definitely higher, which does not change the fact that you should also deal with it. It is better to pay back the loan longer than having numerous problems with not having money. The best website to get a cash loan.

Where should the debtors come for help?

Where should the debtors come for help?

In addition to banks, you can try to get help from other specialists, such as financial advisors. Knowing our situation, they are able to tell us something about a given topic, as well as solve ways of paying off installments. All installment systems should ultimately be tailored to the needs of different consumers. If the indebted person has a low income per family member, they can, for example, apply to social welfare for social benefits and other benefits. In situations of debt, such living means are not enforceable and are also adapted to the loan amounts. It is known that in the event of job loss, unfortunately, we also become debtors, having no example of paying off a given debt. People who do not have money for installments, but only for survival, can apply for redemption of the entire loan, its part, as well as for deferment of payment. Situations that people face are really very diverse, so we should pay attention to how banks operate. In matters of debt, they usually contact us on their own, but there are also situations in which it is better for us to report to the bank for help on our own.

Cash loans are quite a good solution to pay off the debts we currently have.

Cash loans are quite a good solution to pay off the debts we currently have.

Such installment systems, which are related to their repayment, are usually tailored to the situation of individual consumers. Banks try to individually consider each and every problem they face, and thus try to explain the process of dealing with each situation they encounter. If we belong to responsible people, we can solve financial problems quickly. Otherwise, even the goodwill of the bank is in no way able to help us pay off the debt. It is known that in addition, to have debt, you must not repay installments earlier. This is due to various factors, but most often the lack of cash for other things. It is known that in such a situation one should report to the appropriate institution as soon as possible.

Buy a car? Think carefully about the financing | Car Loans


Are you ready for a new car? Then a lot comes up to you. You naturally start by choosing your dream car and also try to figure out what you can spend. Do you have to borrow the full amount, or have you saved something yourself and can pay a (large) portion yourself.

The ideal situation is of course that you do not have to finance the purchase of a new car at all and can cough up the entire amount yourself. But yes, if this was the case then you probably weren’t reading this article. I therefore assume that you are looking for a car loan with, if possible, a low interest rate and a not too long term.

Many possibilities

Many possibilities

When you look for financing for your car then the possibilities are almost endless, it seems. From leasing to buying a car with deferred payment without bkr registration. I will try to explain how all this is possible and what constructions there are so that you get a clear picture of the possibilities.
I assume that this is a car loan that is done privately. I will not take into account all business opportunities.

Private lease


With the construction of the Private lease you do not immediately become the owner of the car. This will only be the case when the last installment of the loan on the car is met. The advantage is that you can repay without penalty and always be assured of a good quality car.

You pay a fixed amount per month, which includes all the extras that you would normally have to arrange yourself in the lease price. This includes insurance, maintenance and taxes. How many kilometers you drive per year is not important, because the car becomes your property after the last payment.

Personal loan

Personal loan

This is the most commonly used form to borrow for a car. You will receive a sum of money from a lender with which you can then purchase the car of your choice. You naturally become the owner of the car and therefore have complete freedom with it.

With a personal loan you pay a fixed amount per month and depending on the age of your chosen car for a fixed period. Keep in mind that you have to arrange all taxes, maintenance and insurance yourself.

Sell ​​and lease back

Sell ​​and lease back

Does not belong in the list because there is a car in the game that you still have to buy. A commonly used construction where you sell your own car and lease the same car again. This is especially useful when you need a larger sum of money and are not eligible for a loan. The advantage is that there is no BKR registration.



It appears that there are several possibilities to get a new or used car. Depending on your situation you can choose one of the options above. Also note that you are not going to pay too much for your car, because that is the first profit. Negotiate well with regard to price and do not be fooled with a few free car mats or a full tank. There is also a lot of choice when it comes to financing, but it should be noted that with a personal loan you have the most freedom to choose exactly the car that you have fallen in love with.

Personal Payday Loan Bank


Many can offer you loans as rare as Klenber Personal Payday Loan Bank. The services it provides to its customers are used by citizens across the EU and the world. First of all, these are proven services accepted by thousands of clients. Klenber Personal Payday Loan Bank quick loans are approved up to 12 installments, which means that this is a short-term service.

Every Klenber Personal Payday Loan Bank customer has a number of benefits and advantages that he does not have to worry about in his finances.

Klenber Personal Payday Loan bank quick loans have been checked

money cash

If you are looking for a trusted partner to help you financially then Klenber Personal Payday Loan is definitely one of the top favorites. When seeking a quick loan, each customer seeks some security, fearing not to be fooled, there is no place in Klenber Personal Payday Loan Bank for small letters, frauds and hidden sentences.

Fast loans are a discreet and transparent service where every client has an insight into all the costs of doing business with us even before asking for money. 

Disburses quick loans to the account

money savings

Klenber Personal Payday Loan Bank Quick Loans are paid into a current account that can be opened at any bank, but like all of us, we have certain conditions that a client needs to satisfy in order to do business with us.

First and foremost, it is important that a person seeking Klenber Personal Payday Loan Bank quick loans be of age and that his or her account is neither protected nor blocked. With regular monthly receipts, you will probably be able to pay off the required loans within 15 minutes of the delivery of the signed documentation.

Quick lending does not select clients

money loan

Klenber Personal Payday Loan does not select or distribute its clients for any reason. All of us are equal, respecting everyone’s privacy and the opportunity to help him. If you have a problem and are struggling with a lack of money, Klenber Personal Payday Loan Bank will make sure you get out of the crisis as soon as possible.

Contact us with confidence because our quick loans have helped many, and can help you.

The home purchase as an investment


The acquisition of real estate as an investment is currently very popular again. The reasons for this are manifold: One reason is the still historically low interest rates . On the one hand, this affects the profitability of traditional investments and, on the other hand, it enables loans to be raised at better terms with the bank. According to experts, the German real estate market is also in a long overdue catching-up process. Especially in coveted cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt or Munich, prices could continue to rise in the coming years – this price increase is ultimately reflected in a high return.
But if you want to buy an apartment as an investment, you first have to make many important decisions. In today’s blog post we have collected some advantages and risks for you when purchasing a property as an investment.


The real estate market is booming due to low interest rates

The real estate market is booming due to low interest rates

If you want to invest in a property , you can benefit from the lowest possible interest rates by a long-term interest rate , as this will protect the interest rate against rising interest rates in the future.

Before you consider a high capital expenditure for the purchase of a property as an investment , consider some fundamental aspects:

• Advice from financing professionals – we are happy to assist you!
• Use of equity
• Financial cushion for unplanned costs
• Location of the object in a location with a future
• Single apartment or multi-family house
• Condition and equipment of the object of purchase

Why it pays to invest in an investment property

Why it pays to invest in an investment property

There are many good reasons to buy an investment property – we have gathered four key aspects:

• A property as an investment is an attractive investment

For several years, the housing market in Germany has been experiencing an increasing imbalance between supply and demand . High demand is offset by comparatively low housing supply. Especially in metropolitan areas , the demand for single apartments is steadily rising. In the long term, apartments are therefore an attractive investment as an investment.

• A property as a pension

In order to be able to maintain the usual standard of living in old age, the acquisition of a property as a private provision can be considered. The ownership of a property and the associated rental income can secure income beyond working life and supplement the statutory pension . In the best case, the financing of your property is designed so that you are free of debt at the latest when you join the pension.

• Safe return on investment real estate

Even if investment real estate at first glance promise lower returns compared to equities, they offer long-term predictable returns in terms of security and value retention. In the case of investment properties with a high purchase price, the initial yield may initially be low, but the long-term return in the coveted metropolitan areas is nevertheless attractive. Especially in regions with promising future prospects , attractive returns can be expected over the long term.

• Save taxes on investment property

Invest eg in a property with preservation, receive up to 35% of the purchase price by the tax office and can write off the entire modernization costs over a period of 12 years. In the case of new properties and existing properties, the costs incurred in connection with the rented property can also contribute to reducing the tax debt.

Which risk factors are there?


But despite all certainty, apartments can still lose value as investments. Below we have summarized the biggest risk factors for you:

• Capital commitment: apartment or apartment building?

Often, investors put all their capital into an apartment . If there is a loss of value , there is no risk distribution . The resident can lose his entire investment by the capital tie to an apartment. If the financial situation allows it, it is advisable to purchase an entire residential building or several apartments in different locations as an investment property.

• Purchase price and purchase costs

Investing in an apartment incurs further costs for the investor, which must be considered. Operating costs for the administration of the dwelling should be taken into account, as well as necessary remedial measures and maintenance measures . The costs for the broker as well as fees for the notary, the land registry and the trade tax must also be observed by investors.

• Rental of the investment property

With the investment in an apartment, it is not yet done, as an investor, you must also take care of the rental and thus the selection of future tenants . Without the support of a property manager , these processes can be very time consuming.

Offers Fixed Rate at 2.61% over 12 Years for Professional Loans

Rates have never been so low! Loan Lender offers a loan for professionals at an EXCEPTIONAL fixed rate of 2.61% over a period of 12 years.

Loan Lender works with all professionals, merchants, craftsmen, franchisees, liberal professions, small businesses and SMEs for financing needs related to the creation and takeover of a business or the development of a company already in business. Loan Lender also negotiates loans for the acquisition of business, the purchase of walls, share buyback, etc ….

Personal real estate loan

Personal real estate loan

The search for a professional credit is more delicate than that of a personal real estate loan and requires the advice of an expert. Loan Lender has a supporting role for the entrepreneur in his search for professional financing with banks. In addition to securing the credit file, Loan Lender brings her expertise and know-how to obtain the most favorable financial conditions for her clients.

Loan Lender focuses her fundraising strategy on the real needs of the company, and optimizes credit thanks to her experience and her relationship with banking institutions.

The benefits of Loan Lender


  • Speed : The sending of “complete and studied” files directly to the professional poles of banks avoids the passage through an agency, and facilitates their care and treatment. Customers get an agreement or denial of credit feasibility within 7 days.
  • Experience : Before taking a case, Loan Lender conducts a free audit to validate the viability of the project. Our expertise makes it possible to anticipate bankers’ remarks and requests, thereby limiting cancellations due to non-compliance with suspensive conditions.
  • Time : Outsourcing the search for funding leaves more time for professionals to launch projects and manage their businesses.
  • Economy : Loan Lender offers professional loans negotiated at the best market conditions, even with the customer’s bank, while offering insurance ultra competitive delegation to reduce its cost up to 60%.

It’s time to think about loan redemption!


It is quite possible to renegotiate a professional loan. With interest rates at their lowest and the possibility of obtaining a delegation of insurance adapted to each borrower, it is the moment or never to wonder about the opportunity to buy back his loan.

Loan Lender can renegotiate all the loans initially intended for the acquisition of goodwill, the purchase of walls, acquisition of shares, etc …. to win his customers several thousand euros. The goal is to obtain a significant reduction in monthly payments or loan term in order to gain on the overall cost of interest. In addition, as a specialist in insurance, Loan Lender negotiates for her professional clients less expensive insurance delegations that are better suited to professional loans.

Find the best financing to buy a car


The PIVE Plan (Plan for Incentives for Efficient Vehicles) has made the car market begin to raise its head, especially after its drastic fall in sales a few years ago. Although, the economic aid they are providing may not be enough to finance a car or get the best financing for the car you are thinking of acquiring.
For this reason, throughout this article you will discover which are the best car finance companies and a series of practical tips so that you can learn to calculate the financing even if you do not have a salary for the car you need.

Tips for financing a car

Tips for financing a car

It can be difficult to find the best financing for your car, so from Easy Credit we have created this article to discover everything you need to take into account when asking for financial help.

Be realistic and always set a budget

To calculate the financing for your car, the best thing you can do is to be clear about this section. First of all, be realistic with the situation you are in and also with the economy you have. This way you will never encounter an unexpected event. In addition, establish a budget limit to calculate the ideal financing for your car.

Study the options to find the best car financing

There are two ways to find the best financing for cars. One is focused on asking for help from the concessionaires and the other is through microcredits provided by financial entities such as Easy Credit or a bank .
If you decide to consult the first one, you should bear in mind that they always evaluate carefully the payment capacity that you may have, since what interests them in the first place is money. In the dealerships many people work for objectives so their main goal is to sell the car you are consulting. If you want to know if what you are being asked for is correct, you can search for a car financing simulator online and leave doubts.
The second option. If you ask for help with a bank, they will also see if you have an endorsement, a stable payroll and if your income is correct enough to be able to return the loan or loan within the stipulated period. On the contrary, if you apply for an online loan with Easy Credit you will opt for the best car financing you can imagine. Do not you believe it? Check with us all your questions.

Know the interest rates to find the best car finance

Study through a car financing simulator the interest rate that usually ask for a car both banks and dealers or private financial entities like ours. In this way you will know what is the amount that you will have to return to greater than the help you have enjoyed.
This can help you be cautious, be warned in advance and also find the best financing for cars in the market.

Other tips to find the best financing for a car

Other tips to find the best financing for a car

Use an amortization table

This means that you consult with a car financing simulator to evaluate all the loans, credits, aid … that may be available. It will also help you evaluate the monthly fees you must pay.

Contribute an entry reducing the term

In this way, you will reduce the repayment period of the aid they are providing you. This way you will pay less interest and you will obtain the best possible price. You can also choose to give an entry with the objective of not financing the entire purchase.

Be aware of other expenses

Not only you will have this expense, in the purchase of a car also influence other “hidden” expenses with which we do not count as the Registration Tax and the Circulation Tax are two pending aspects to take into account.

Credits and quick loans with Easy Credit

Credits and quick loans with Easy Credit

After reading all this article you have become a complete expert when it comes to knowing what aspects you should consider to finance the purchase of a car. You have a lot of alternatives and options, so you can choose the one that most convinces you.
In Easy Credit we put a team at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year , so that you get the answer you need to all your questions. Thus, you will see how we are a service with extensive experience and that our principles are focused on transparency and clarity with our clients.
If you are thinking of applying for a credit for your car, but do not know with whom or how to do it, see our blog. In it you will find customer testimonials, opinions, success stories, practical advice to take into account and you will also discover what our requirements are. No, you should not be scared, we only ask that you be of legal age to request help with us, have a bank account in Spain and a stable or recurring income that can come from a scholarship, help or payroll.

Self-employed receive quick loans

For small businesses planning an investment, financing at the house bank is no longer the only option.

Online lenders such as Good Lending now offer a cheap and above all fast alternative. 

Online lenders such as Good Lending now offer a cheap and above all fast alternative. 

Since 1997, the 46-year-old computer science engineer has been developing tailor-made solutions for plant production. Together with a team of 5 specialists, Borrower advises organic laboratories worldwide on the IT-supported production control of plant cell tissue. When he and his partners decided at the beginning of 2010 to set up a new technology location in Berlin-Charlottenburg, they needed a financing solution.

Due to many years of experience

Due to many years of experience

Borrower first turned to his house bank and submitted a loan application. However, he soon learned that this process would take a long time and would also require extensive collateral. Borrower: “We noticed that the banking channels are very slow nowadays. It was important for us now to get a loan on favorable terms and – which is incredibly important for the self-employed – to use without extensive securities. ”

Therefore Borrower looked around for alternatives at the same time. He had already heard about Good Lending through a television report. After a closer look at the online platform, he decided now for a loan application in the amount of 22,000 euros. “For me as a self-employed person, the Good Lending loan was the best alternative, because a) it does not need to be collateralized and b) it can be cheap if done correctly. And it was really fast with Good Lending, “explains Borrower in an interview.


It was easy for him to register with Good Lending: “I completed the application online and carried out the Postident procedure at my local post office. Shortly thereafter, the feedback from Good Lending came that the documents have been received. Then there were a few more questions from a competent customer advisor. She also phoned me on the mobile phone in the evening after 6 pm to complete our project as quickly as possible. ”


With a term of 60 months

With a term of 60 months

Borrower then offered the Good Lending investors an interest rate of 7.8 percent. “We have said we want to offer investors a fair interest rate. They have no collateral. At the same time, I also wanted a cheap loan that pays off financially. “With the online publication of his credit project, the financing round on Good Lending began now. Within just 22 hours, there were a total of 45 investors. After that, it did not even take 2 more days for the money to be in the business account.

In retrospect, Borrower is convinced of the efficiency of the Good Lending system: “It was right because it is quick and offers planning security. For entrepreneurs it is crucial that you know after a few days: yes or no. If, on the other hand, I see my house bank request, made in June 2010 and still running today, that is practically the opposite. ”

But what would Borrower say to his Good Lending investors, whom he never met in person? “Of course, first of all, thank you for your trust. I think it’s fair that you can do business with each other directly and that both sides benefit from it. ”

With the help of the Good Lending loan, Borrower and his partners are expected to move into their new headquarters in late September.

Credit Comparison: Do not worry about the score!


Nowadays, a trade-neutral comparison of loans is easily possible. This has no negative impact on the Bank score and secures the top offers. The experts of Barry Lyndon explain what matters.

What is a trade-neutral credit comparison? 

What is a trade-neutral credit comparison? 

Loan seekers who submit a credit request are subject to a credit check at Bank. The company saves all information on past payment history and calculates an individual score . This is influenced by many additional factors, such as the number of accounts, mobile phone contracts or credit inquiries. Find out here about the risk model of Bank.

If credit seekers make multiple requests, then the score degrades in the traditional process, which affects the granting of credit. A neutral credit comparison, however, does not change the credit rating, because the query is made in a special way. The Bank is informed that it is only a request for credit terms , not a loan request . Further information and tips are also available here and here

Who offers a credit- neutral loan comparison ?


A trade-neutral credit comparison is not offered by all banks. If you are looking for a installment loan, you must pay close attention to the nature of the request. Barry Lyndon’s credit comparison is always neutral, as each request is treated as a credit condition request and does not affect our clients’ score. Thus, the comparison is not only free, but also without obligation.

Why is a cross-neutral credit comparison necessary?

Why is a cross-neutral credit comparison necessary?

A good credit rating is necessary in many areas. The score is not only needed for loans, but also for other business relationships, such as renting a house or concluding a mobile phone contract. Thus, it is important that the loan request does not adversely affect the score. Since the data remains stored at the Bank for a certain period of time, a new borrowing can be blocked by the new score. It does not matter whether the borrower had a good or bad credit rating in advance; the more credit requests are made, the lower the score. Even after the first credit request, there may be difficulties with the second request. Incidentally, with Score Compass, you now have the opportunity to check your score for free at any time – from the comfort of your own home.

As there have been many credit defaults in recent years, credit institutions have become very cautious. It is assumed that in the case of a second credit request, the first credit institution must have rejected the credit application. Those who only want to compare loans and receive the top conditions will be disadvantaged in this procedure. Thus, a trade-neutral credit comparison is important for all who want to secure the top prices and offers and want to remain creditworthy in the future.

For credit comparison

By the way: getting a loan without Bank is very unlikely. As soon as the loan is requested from the bank, Bank will also be called in to check the creditworthiness.