Do not use your personal credit card for your business expenses!


There are few companies whose managers have confusion in the concept of personal finance and business finance.

That is why it is common to see that the daughter’s phone bill is charged to the firm’s account, the tuition is paid from the payroll or the gasoline of the mother’s truck is covered with vouchers from the petty cash.

The reality is that it doesn’t matter the size, nor the number of employees; You need to separate personal transactions from those of the company.

Even if you are your only employee, there must be a financial divorce between your personal and administrative life.

The truth is that there are more disadvantages than advantages when using the personal credit card for the expenses of the organization.


Your history

credit history

Your business has a credit history that will be used for all types of references.

A supplier can verify your behavior to know how far to take a risk with you, but nothing or very little will serve personal history to create new business relationships.


Operation Administration

If your accounts are scrambled on a desktop it is time to update your management system.

A business card will help track every quetzal that is spent on the operation, from payroll and services, to the payment of suppliers and per diem.

This way when the time comes to file taxes, things will be easier. The business credit card will also help you detect unnecessary business expenses or capital leaks.



money loan

Obtaining rewards is a saving factor. All charges you make with your business card will pay points that can be redeemed in many ways: from miles to fly and hotel rooms, to items and cash.

There are some programs that focus for example on fuel or international purchases, but you can choose the one that best suits the use of the tool.


Trust and control

Employees may have a card in their name but exclusively for the signature. You can even put padlocks by geographical area, schedules and types of charge with the advantage of being able to monitor in real time one of the users.

Personal cards are for exclusive use for such matters. If you are not able to separate them from the business, the advantages will be reversed and everything can play against you. Be careful with the use of each one, the goal is to be in your favor at all times and for all situations.