Credit Comparison: Do not worry about the score!


Nowadays, a trade-neutral comparison of loans is easily possible. This has no negative impact on the Bank score and secures the top offers. The experts of Barry Lyndon explain what matters.

What is a trade-neutral credit comparison? 

What is a trade-neutral credit comparison? 

Loan seekers who submit a credit request are subject to a credit check at Bank. The company saves all information on past payment history and calculates an individual score . This is influenced by many additional factors, such as the number of accounts, mobile phone contracts or credit inquiries. Find out here about the risk model of Bank.

If credit seekers make multiple requests, then the score degrades in the traditional process, which affects the granting of credit. A neutral credit comparison, however, does not change the credit rating, because the query is made in a special way. The Bank is informed that it is only a request for credit terms , not a loan request . Further information and tips are also available here and here

Who offers a credit- neutral loan comparison ?


A trade-neutral credit comparison is not offered by all banks. If you are looking for a installment loan, you must pay close attention to the nature of the request. Barry Lyndon’s credit comparison is always neutral, as each request is treated as a credit condition request and does not affect our clients’ score. Thus, the comparison is not only free, but also without obligation.

Why is a cross-neutral credit comparison necessary?

Why is a cross-neutral credit comparison necessary?

A good credit rating is necessary in many areas. The score is not only needed for loans, but also for other business relationships, such as renting a house or concluding a mobile phone contract. Thus, it is important that the loan request does not adversely affect the score. Since the data remains stored at the Bank for a certain period of time, a new borrowing can be blocked by the new score. It does not matter whether the borrower had a good or bad credit rating in advance; the more credit requests are made, the lower the score. Even after the first credit request, there may be difficulties with the second request. Incidentally, with Score Compass, you now have the opportunity to check your score for free at any time – from the comfort of your own home.

As there have been many credit defaults in recent years, credit institutions have become very cautious. It is assumed that in the case of a second credit request, the first credit institution must have rejected the credit application. Those who only want to compare loans and receive the top conditions will be disadvantaged in this procedure. Thus, a trade-neutral credit comparison is important for all who want to secure the top prices and offers and want to remain creditworthy in the future.

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By the way: getting a loan without Bank is very unlikely. As soon as the loan is requested from the bank, Bank will also be called in to check the creditworthiness.