Offers Fixed Rate at 2.61% over 12 Years for Professional Loans

Rates have never been so low! Loan Lender offers a loan for professionals at an EXCEPTIONAL fixed rate of 2.61% over a period of 12 years.

Loan Lender works with all professionals, merchants, craftsmen, franchisees, liberal professions, small businesses and SMEs for financing needs related to the creation and takeover of a business or the development of a company already in business. Loan Lender also negotiates loans for the acquisition of business, the purchase of walls, share buyback, etc ….

Personal real estate loan

Personal real estate loan

The search for a professional credit is more delicate than that of a personal real estate loan and requires the advice of an expert. Loan Lender has a supporting role for the entrepreneur in his search for professional financing with banks. In addition to securing the credit file, Loan Lender brings her expertise and know-how to obtain the most favorable financial conditions for her clients.

Loan Lender focuses her fundraising strategy on the real needs of the company, and optimizes credit thanks to her experience and her relationship with banking institutions.

The benefits of Loan Lender


  • Speed : The sending of “complete and studied” files directly to the professional poles of banks avoids the passage through an agency, and facilitates their care and treatment. Customers get an agreement or denial of credit feasibility within 7 days.
  • Experience : Before taking a case, Loan Lender conducts a free audit to validate the viability of the project. Our expertise makes it possible to anticipate bankers’ remarks and requests, thereby limiting cancellations due to non-compliance with suspensive conditions.
  • Time : Outsourcing the search for funding leaves more time for professionals to launch projects and manage their businesses.
  • Economy : Loan Lender offers professional loans negotiated at the best market conditions, even with the customer’s bank, while offering insurance ultra competitive delegation to reduce its cost up to 60%.

It’s time to think about loan redemption!


It is quite possible to renegotiate a professional loan. With interest rates at their lowest and the possibility of obtaining a delegation of insurance adapted to each borrower, it is the moment or never to wonder about the opportunity to buy back his loan.

Loan Lender can renegotiate all the loans initially intended for the acquisition of goodwill, the purchase of walls, acquisition of shares, etc …. to win his customers several thousand euros. The goal is to obtain a significant reduction in monthly payments or loan term in order to gain on the overall cost of interest. In addition, as a specialist in insurance, Loan Lender negotiates for her professional clients less expensive insurance delegations that are better suited to professional loans.